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This section of this site gives programs that you can use in your Casio FX-7400G or CFX-9850G calculator. A separate page describes each program or family of programs. The pages present programs both as text that you can enter into your calculator as a program, and as a text file that duplicates a .CAT file.

You can enter the program into your calculator using only the calculator’s program editor, as described in the Entering Programs page. The text form of the program is most useful for entering the program with the calculator’s program editor. When doing this, remember the program listings approximate the symbols used by the calculator, as described in the Interpreting Program Listings page.

You can download the program files from this site’s library. These program files are standard text files, and are present in the library with the .TXT file type. The program files have contents directly usable by Casio’s FA-123 program, described in the Accessories page. Unfortunately, the FA-123 program requires the program files to have the file type .CAT. You can work around this problem by saving the program files with a .CAT extension, or by renaming the files after you download them.

To save the program file with a .CAT extension from Internet Explorer, you right click on the link to the program file. Then you choose “Save Target As...” from the context sensitive menu. Finally, in the dialog box in which you specify the file name, change the file type to .CAT.

Some programs require that you write programs to call them, or that you provide programs for them to call. The requirements for each of these program are described in the appropriate program page. Also, a linkage conventions page gives overall information on the requirements on such programs.

The programs fall into several application areas. There are mathematics programs, financial programs, physics programs, and utility programs. Each application area has its own index page. To get to the area index page, click on the area title in the navigation bar on the left of this page.

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