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Brian Hetrick is a software engineer for a major computer manufacturer. He has been in the computer field since approximately 1967. The first machine on which he programmed was the CDC-6400, an early supercomputer. Other computers include the IBM 360/370 line, the DECsystem-10 and -20, the PDP-11, the VAX, the Alpha, 8080 and Z-80 systems, PCs, HP and IBM calculators, and of course Casio calculators. Brian has developed pieces of operating systems, compilers, database systems, optimization systems, GUIs to legacy mainframe systems, and numerous other products. He has been a consultant to several Fortune 50 firms in the area of corporate IT strategy and information systems. Brian has taught ALGOL, APL, BLISS, C, FORTRAN, and software engineering concepts and techniques. He developed some of the conceptual underpinnings of what has since developed into client/server technology, and has invented proprietary statistical code assessment technology that permits identification of code “at risk” from various factors during maintenance.

Brian’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross (1975) and a Master of Science in Engineering in mathematical sciences from the Johns Hopkins University (1978). His current research interests include code assessment technology, neural networks, design of autonomous and loosely directed systems, and computer security.

Hetrick Home for the Terminally Bewildered Brian lives in the New England section of the United States with a partner, a parent, five assorted children, three cats, and a variable but frequently large number of pet rats. He has a personal web site, the Hetrick Home for the Terminally Bewildered, which is updated much less frequently than this site.

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