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Awards Received

This site has received the following awards. I thank the judges granting these awards, and will try to ensure this site continues to meet the high standards represented by these awards. Awards are shown in chronological order by award date. Each award graphic is a link to the awarding site.


Lame-O Notably Mediocre Site Award

Internet Beacon Award (Gold)

“Your site has met the requirements of the Lame-O Notably Mediocre Site Award. This is truly a hand-edited site that rises from sea of the hideous into the heights of the mediocre.”

“Your web site, ‘Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner,’ has qualified for the Beacon Award Gold. You’ve got some good information, in a good-looking, well-designed site that make accessing the programs easy.”


Ned's Yup It's a Web Page Award

Assess Risk Web Excellence Award (Bronze)

“Your site has met ned’s strict criteria and has won ned’s - Yup...It's a Web Page Award!”

“We have reviewed your site and have awarded it the Assess Risk Bronze award. Your site contents are extremely comprehensive.”


Decadent Vision
Award - The site displaying this award should be considered one of the top
websites on the Internet today.

Red Stag Merit award

“Your site, Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner, has won the Decadent Vision Award. You have an outstanding site, professionally designed with easy to follow navigation. Your site has a good contrast in color of text to background and quick loading pages, on all speeds. I enjoyed my visit to your web site. Once again congratulations, and keep up the good work!”

“Your site was reviewed by three of our judges and evaluated based on the standardized scoring highlighted in our program. After averaging the three totals, Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner scored 75 points — within the criteria established for the Red Stag Award for Merit. Congratulation on an outstanding effort!”

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