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Sigh. Sorry for the intrusion of legalese into an otherwise putatively sane and supposedly useful web site, but it is wise to put a reminder here about what copyright means.

The contents and design of this site are original work copyright © 2001, 2002 Brian Hetrick. The programs in this site are original work and similarly copyright © 2001, 2002 Brian Hetrick. You may use these programs, and make such copies as are necessary for your personal use. This is legitimate “fair use” of this publication — the web site. These fair use rights are the only rights you have to this material.

Even though you can get a copy of this site and the programs here for no cost, the contents of this site and the programs here are not in the public domain. In particular, you may not, without my explicit permission, duplicate this web site or make a derivative copy of it (such as replacing my name with yours, changing colors, replacing tables with DIVs, or translating all the text into Bantu) and publish it. Similarly, you may not republish or redistribute these programs without my explicit permission. You may not put copies of the programs on this site on your web site, on a CD of useful programs you further distribute, in your book, or in any other publication — even if you give proper authorship credit — without my explicit permission. You may not give copies of these programs to your friends.

There are three reasons why I do not “open source” the site and its programs, and relax these restrictions. First, your copy will not get updated when my copy gets updated, which will annoy you. Second, the pages describing these programs have the program descriptions and instructions, and these tend to get separated from copies, which will annoy the people you redistribute to. Third, someone getting your copy will not be exposed to my web site, which will annoy me.

You may put references (links) to this site and its programs in a collection of programs and references, and tell your friends where to find the programs — in fact, I hope you do! — but not republish or redistribute the programs.

Thank you for bearing with me during this descent into what should not have needed to be said. I suppose this is what happens when I get email complaining about the lack of references in an essay some enterprising individual ripped off of my home web site and published — complete with my copyright notice! — in some “A+ term papers” CD-ROM. (The references, incidentally, were the hyperlinks the enterprising individual failed to copy.)

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Copyright © 2001 Brian Hetrick
Page last updated 28 April 2002.

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