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When this site started in 2001, there were a great many Casio calculator sites on the web. Now, in 2006, relatively few remain. This list is by no means complete, but might serve as a starting point for your own explorations.

The Casio Fan Webring
The Casio Fan Webring is the most popular WebRing of Casio calculator sites. Each of the sites in the WebRing has some relevance to Casio calculators.

CASPRO: Casio Graphic Calculator Programming Guide and Other Info
Also known as “Roy Maclean’s site.” It seems you can hardly turn around in any Casio program catalog or redistribution site without running into some advanced mathematics programs written by Roy Maclean, and often a stale link to where Roy Maclean’s site used to be. This site has moved and is now the other end of the link above.

Casio Program Archive
Also known as “Hidetake Jo’s site.” Just as Roy Maclean’s programs are everywhere, Hidetake Jo’s programs are everywhere. While Roy Maclean’s programs tend to be mathematical, Hidetake Jo’s programs tend to be engineering oriented. In late 2001 or early 2002, the university account hosting this site expired, and the site was deleted. Fortunately, it had already been mirrored; see the next entry.

Casio Program Archive Mirror
At the end of September 2001, Hidetake Jo’s “Casio Program Archive” above carried a note saying it would be taken down soon, as the hosting university account would expire. I have mirrored the site here with Hidetake Jo’s permission.

Casio Kingdom
Sean Tan’s site of Casio calculator games and programs.

Universal Casio Forum
A discussion forum for Casio calculators.

And always remember, if you are looking for something specific, Google is your friend.

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Brian's Casio Calculator Corner I invite links from other Casio calculator sites on the web. Links to the site as a whole (“”) rather than to a specific page have a far greater probability of staying valid through site reorganizations. If you like your links to have buttons, just right click on the button by this paragraph and save it to your site.

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