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Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner is a free website, providing information on and programs for the Casio CFX-9850G calculator. You can view all pages on this website without providing any personal information about yourself. The site collects statistical information regarding the web browsers used by visitors.

Recent Changes

Cookies are introduced to hold the visitor-specified site design, and logs are analyzed to determine page popularity, as of 9 February 2003.

Personal Information We Collect

We ask you for information that personally identifies you only when you send a message to the webmaster to which you want a reply. The information requested is limited to your name and your email address. You do not need to supply this information to send a message to the webmaster. This information is required only if you want a reply to your message.

Use of Your Personal Information

We use your name and email address, should you choose to provide it, in order to send you replies to your comments. We do not send you email except in direct response to messages you send us. We do not sell your personal information or share it with any other person or organization. We will disclose your personal information only if required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that disclosing your information is necessary to conform to the edicts of law, to comply with legal process, to protect or defend the rights of the website or the webmaster, or to protect the safety of the webmaster or the public.

Control of Your Personal Information

When you give us personal information, we will not share that information, except in the limited exceptional circumstances described above. It will be used only for the purposes stated above.

Access to Your Personal Information

We give you no access to our records of your personal information. You may at any time update your personal information by sending us a message specifying a new name and email address.

Security of Your Personal Information

We take careful precautions to avoid the misuse or unauthorized access to or disclosure of your personal information. We do not store this information on computers providing services to the Internet. We limit access to the computers on which your personal information is stored.

Protection of Children’s Personal Information

Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner does not publish content targeted to children and does not seek personal information from children. Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner refuses to accept personal information from children 13 years old or under.


Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner uses cookies to hold site design information (color scheme and text size) that you have selected through the site design menu. This information does not personally identify you and is not used to track your interaction with the site.

Browser Information

Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner does not collect information on your browser.

IP Information

The web host for Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner provides web server logs which indicate details about client requests. The details include the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client, the time and date of the request, and the completion status of the request. These logs are analyzed to determine the popularity of the various pages on the site.

When you send a message to the webmaster using the mail form, the message will include the information you supply and the IP address of the computer used to access the website, the date, and the time of day.

Changes to This Statement

Brian’s Casio Calculator Corner may occasionally make changes to this privacy statement. If we do, we will also change the “Page last modified” date on the bottom of the page. For material changes to this policy, the site will also place a prominent notice on the front page of the site.

Contact Information

Brian’s Caiso Calculator Corner welcomes your comments regarding this privacy statement. Please contact us by e-mail using the Contact the Author page.

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Page last updated 9 February 2003.

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